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 RSA Declaration Trimestrielle - On-line 
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Joined: 03 Mar 2010, 13:14
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We receive RSA and each trimestre I have always received a form to complete our monthly income.
The CAF have now requested that I fill the form in on-line.
I have logged onto the CAF site and can see where I need to make the declaration but there is no relevant boxes for Self-employed Income.
Do you declare Self-employed Income on-line?
As the website is saying:
Les revenus des professions non salariées ne sont pas à déclarer, ils sont pris en compte pour le calcul de vos droits après l'évaluation réalisée par le conseil général au vu des éléments communiqués par vous-même (BIC, BNC, bilan comptable...)

I have translated the above and I think it is saying self-employed income does not need to be declared.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

09 Jan 2012, 11:32

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I noticed that last time I did mine as I had just registered as an AE so I just left it all blank and presume they will pick up my income from urssaf or the tax people when I do my declaration for 2011.
I did find it a bit odd and wonder if they will then claim back the RSA I have been paid.
Perhaps someone else has more info?

09 Jan 2012, 18:29

Joined: 25 Apr 2009, 18:55
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Hi there, your self employment income is not included on the on-line system. That is taken from your tax return (they will be using your self employed income for 2010 to calculate this year's rsa payments). If you don't receive any other monthly income there is a box for this (I forget which page it is on).


09 Jan 2012, 21:53

Joined: 03 Mar 2010, 13:14
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Thanks for your replies, very helpful.

I have completed the on-line declaration, without declaring any 'Monthly Income' and also declared 'No Other Income'.
It is a bit worrying that they calculate your income a year behind.
I will keep an eye on the 'Mes Resources' page as I assume this will change to 2010 very soon.
It certainly looks like they calculate your benefit from yout tax return and not from the income declared (maybe they never used the income on my paper form :? ).


10 Jan 2012, 08:33

Joined: 27 Feb 2009, 14:41
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Yes, this was the reason why I continued to do our declarations on the paper forms they send every three months rather than online so that I could declare our income from self-employment.

We have so far heard nothing from the CAF requesting that it now be done online. I've just checked and there's nothing to this effect on our personal dossier. Did they write to you to request this Bruce?

Our payments always correspond to the information declared on the forms ie if the income is lower the payments go up and vice-versa. So surely, if you don't declare income from self-employment then you would be paid too much and as you say presumably this would have to be paid back eventually?

Seems really weird to me, or am I missing something???

11 Jan 2012, 13:28

Joined: 03 Mar 2010, 13:14
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In reply to 'trastu'.
I received an email from the CAF last week asking me to declare on-line. This is the first time in the 18 months I have been receiving RSA that they have done this. I thought maybe the paper version would also come through the post, but it hasn't.
The email detailed how to complete the Declaration on-line from my CAF Account. There was a box under 'Mes Demarches' called 'RSA Trimestre Declaration' which I had to tick and complete the relevant sections. It looked on screen just like the paper version. on the very 1st page it popped up a message saying:
Income from non-salaried occupations are not reportable, they are taken into account when calculating your rights after the evaluation by the General Council on the basis of information provided by you (BIC, BNC, balance sheet .. .)

I know they have received my Declaration as I can see from my on-line account in 'Mes Courriers' that my dossier has moved to the next stage.

Looking back at the paper versions (photocopies) there is no box to complete Self-employment income. I always put it in the 'Other Payments'
section. This makes me think that they have never used my declared income? As my payments never changed.

Trastu - what box are you putting your self-employed income in?


11 Jan 2012, 16:18

Joined: 27 Feb 2009, 14:41
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Hi Bruce

I've always entered the income from self-employment in the 'ressources' box. It's the 4th one down below 'Salaire', etc. where it says 'Si autres ressources - precisez' and I enter the code for auto-entrepreneur which is 030 and then enter the monthly income as normal.

I got this information from the explanatory sheet they usually send you with the forms. They have never queried this and the resulting payment/benefit has always been (give or take a centime or two) what I expected it to be.

Hope this helps.


11 Jan 2012, 16:48

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No Need to declare Self-employed income.
It is calculated from your annual BILAN.

11 Jan 2012, 18:16

Joined: 03 Mar 2010, 13:14
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Hi Tracy
I have spoken to the CAF today and they have definately confirmed that I do not declare any self-employed income each trimestre.
They take income from my annual accounts that they ask for around March (BILAN - thanks 'frncisroyston).
As you are AE it is probably different (I am BNC).
I am still concerned about overpayments as being self-employed monthly profit changes a lot - so I will notify them of any changes.

11 Jan 2012, 18:49

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Hi again Bruce

Thank you so much for the information from the CAF.

You may be right that the rules are different for AE's, although having said that, when I looked at the online declaration form a while ago I couldn't find anywhere to enter the income from being self-employed as an AE.

I guess the best thing would be to contact them myself and ask what the situation is regarding AE just to be sure that what I have been doing is correct.

Gosh, they do like to make things complicated, don't they?

11 Jan 2012, 19:08

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Post rsa
Hi Bruce

we went to CAF on Friday, we are in the AE scheme, so like you pay our social charges every trimester. We have been in this scheme for a year and went to see if we were entitled to RSA, they told us because we are European Nationals (although we have been here five and a half years) not French, the rules were different for self-employed and after the calculation, we had to have earned minimum 997 euros per month for the last trimester, we were under the impression RSA was to help those with low income, we are very confused about this, can anyone shed some light.


15 Jan 2012, 23:41

Joined: 27 Feb 2009, 14:41
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Flipping heck, Amandeep, now I'm even more confused than ever myself!!

Bruce is under a different regime to AE, he is BNC. On the paper forms used to declare income each trimester there is provision for the declaring of income from self-employment under the AE scheme using the code 030.

If you fulfil the criteria specified and your income is below a certain threshold then you should be entitled to RSA. I can't tell you at the moment what the threshold is as the CAF website is having technical difficulties.

The only reasons I personally can think of why you were refused (unless they've recently changed the rules, which is entirely possible) is that either your income is above the threshold or you don't in some way fulfil the other criteria.

I don't know how good your french is but are you sure you understood them correctly when they said you had to have earned a minimum of 997 euros per month for the last trimester? As I said, the rules could have changed but I can't find out because the website is down at the moment.

I'll keep trying and as soon as I can get onto the site I'll have a look and see what I can find out.

16 Jan 2012, 13:47

Joined: 03 Apr 2008, 17:04
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Post RSA

The information is not on the website, it is on a piece of paper in the CAF, which we asked for a copy of and they said, it was only for internal use.

We went back today to CAF and the situation has not changed, the figure is 997 euros a month, but the man told us, if we were French we would be entitled to RSA, our income was lower for the last trimester to meet this threshold, but the only reason we are being penalised is because we are English and he said, you have to prove you have resources, The man also said if we had a carte de sejour, we would be entitled to RSA, and the threshold would not matter, we knew we would not get the carte de sejour as we are european citizens, but we asked at the prefecture anyway, only to be told, no.

16 Jan 2012, 16:29

Joined: 27 Feb 2009, 14:41
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Location: Deux-Sevres

Which CAF was it you went to? We are English and claim RSA and I assume that Bruce is English as well. I have had a dig about and come up with the following link. It is a french governmental site so I assume it is up to date, although one never knows here, lol! This might help, I hope so.

16 Jan 2012, 17:07

Joined: 03 Apr 2008, 17:04
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Thanks for the link Trastu, we have already looked at that site, it doesn't say anywhere what CAF are saying to us, (Fougeres, 35). When we tried to do the RSA test, once you say you are non-salaried, it is not possible to do the test, you have to contact caf, and that is what we did and it is then they start telling you the new rules.

Basically what CAF are saying, if we were salaried in France, or in the auto-entrepreneur scheme but were French then you are entitled to RSA, or unless our income on their calculations minus the percentage for the type of enterprise must average 997 euros a month for the last trimester, you are in a no win situation as it is supposed to be something to help people with a low income, if we earning the above figure every month, we would not need their help at the moment.

16 Jan 2012, 19:19
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